Legal advice on building an e-commerce business

Legal guidance for successful entry into international markets.

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Business Structuring

We help you select the best jurisdiction for your company registration, optimize your tax take, and offer advice on economic zones for your project placement.


Banks and payment systems

We provide a selection of banks or payment systems, help prepare any necessary documents, and offer full support during all stages of opening your account.


Registration and protection of intellectual property

We will protect your trademarks and eliminate patent risks at the national, regional, or international level.

We provide advice regarding the creation of an optimal e-commerce business structure.

4B experts are ready to advise you on a wide range of issues related to business structuring: choosing the best jurisdiction, navigating tax issues, protecting trademarks, and other common issues that arise when starting an international e-commerce business. Our task is to help you make the best decision, ensuring a profitable and legitimate business.


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What jurisdiction is suitable for e-commerce business?

A good question- choosing the wrong jurisdiction may impose restrictions on the choice of banks that can be used for transactions.
Generally speaking, we recommend the USA (low cost of starting a business), the UK (VAT exemptions), Estonia (the special tax system), and Slovakia (you can get a residence permit).

Each jurisdiction has its own characteristics. We recommend contacting our experts and we will select the best country for registering your business based on your goals.

Can I open a company remotely?

Yes, registering a company remotely is possible in the vast majority of jurisdictions. The U.S. and many countries in the EU and Asia make it possible to legally open a company without the personal presence of the founder in the country.

Why should I register a trademark or otherwise protect my intellectual property?

A registered trademark will allow you to protect your potential buyer from buying counterfeit goods, which would reflect poorly on your brand. Registration can also prohibit competitors from selling your products or using your reputation.