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Competent protection of your intellectual property.


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Copyright Registration

We provide protection for any type of work: science, literature, art, software, cartographic materials, etc.



As well as negotiating, we take care of analyzing and drafting contracts and any other services aimed at protecting your copyrights.


Conclusion of license agreements

We handle drawing up license agreements regarding the use of your work.

We will protect your copyrights in 176 countries worldwide.

Any created work or computer programs have legal protection from the moment they are created, but in order to initiate lawsuits to prevent violations of your rights in court, you must provide evidence of the application for registration or the certificate itself.
Copyright for work created in the territory of Ukraine is valid in territories of member countries of the Berne Convention – 176 countries in total around the globe.


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What can be protected by copyright?

Any created work or computer programs have legal protection from the moment of creation.

Literary works, paintings, sculptures, graphics, design, graphic stories, comics and other works of fine art, works of architecture, urban planning, and landscape gardening

Dramatic and musical-dramatic works, script works, musical works with or without text, audiovisual works

The objects of copyright also include computer programs, which are protected as literary works, geographical and other maps, plans, sketches and plastic works related to geography and other sciences


What does copyright registration provide?

Copyright registration is only a formality, but …

It is essential in a controversial situation. This service has been around for more than 130 years and is protected by the declaration of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

Proof of Authorship

Copyright prevents problems with proof of authorship and strengthens the protection of intellectual property.

Reward for use

You control the usage of your copyright and have the option to profit from allowing others the rights to use it.

The increase in the value of the IP object

Having copyright provides justification for higher product price points.

Legal defense

The judicial practice favors copyrights; its reliability and accessibility are incomparably higher than other methods of evidence.


Copyright can be inherited: take care of the future for new generations of copyright holders today.

Stages of copyright registration

Collection of information

We start by collecting information about the registration object and its author/authors and signing over power of attorney.

Filing an application and paying a fee

Let us handle the application and fees for the copyright registration in your chosen state or territory.

Application Review

We check the availability and correctness of the execution of all necessary documents and the payment of a fee for issuing a certificate.

Certificate issuance

We take care of the publication of the certificate in the official bulletin and of the issuance of the registration certificate to the applicant.

We are ready to provide a full range of consulting, registration, and legal services for your copyright registration. With us you can significantly save time and reduce the risk of refusal to issue a certificate.

Application for registration of copyright

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Didn’t find the answer to your question?

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Copyright registration isn’t mandatory, so what is the benefit of doing it?

Yes, that’s right, registration of copyright is not a mandatory procedure; the Law on the Protection of Copyright is valid without it. But…

Registered copyright provides a certificate, which is stronger evidence of authorship and has its own set of associated rights.

The copyright registration certificate contains information about the work and its author. Please note: during registration there is also a deposit.

What documents are needed to register copyright?

To apply, you must provide:

  • Information on the subject of copyright;
  • A material copy of a work (drawing, text, audio recording, medium with program code, etc.);
  • Information about the author/authors (name, address, etc.);
  • The power of attorney signed by the applicant and sealed (for a legal entity).

How long does copyright registration take?

The whole procedure from filing an application to receiving a copyright certificate can take 2-3 months (in Ukraine).

Consideration of the application itself takes at least 20 calendar days, another 10 calendar days are spent on the publication of the certificate in the bulletin.

What is copyright territory?

Copyright is valid in 175 countries, a full list of which is available on the official website of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.