Set-up and Support for International Businesses

Planning to enter the International Market?
We’ll establish the company and support you by opening foreign bank accounts and planning your tax take.

Amazon SPN members since August 2019

4B was the first company from Ukraine (as well as the first from the CIS and Eastern Europe) to receive the Amazon SPN label and join the network of service providers selected by Amazon

Intellectual Property Protection

Launching a new product or service? We will help to create a competitive advantage by eliminating the risks in the field of patents, trademarks, and copyright

Services for Amazon Entrepreneurs

Working with Amazon or other major e-Commerce platforms? Pay attention to our services: from registering a company abroad, to selecting the best payment solutions for partners and contractors


Planning to launch a new service? Taking your products to international marketplaces?

As your reliable partner, we will help with the registration of your company and the intricacies of foreign business routines.


Opening companies abroad

We provide a selection of jurisdictions based on your business needs. This includes the collection, preparation, and submission of necessary documents, as well as full control of the registration process.

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Banks and payment systems

We help with choosing a reliable and safe servicing bank, with the prompt and confidential opening of accounts with foreign banks, and with the registration of business accounts in the Payoneer payment system.

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International tax planning

We handle corporate and personal taxation in various jurisdictions, including representation of tax authorities, accounting, and financial reporting.

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Company Service

We offer all the services required for standard company function: paying taxes or state fees, secretary service, issuing powers of attorney, etc.

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Want to enter the international market? We are ready to offer solutions in more than a dozen different jurisdictions, including the USA, England, Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong, and other countries. We are constantly expanding the geography of our work.


Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets in any business, especially an international one.

By eliminating risks in the field of patents, trademarks, and copyright, we will give your company a competitive advantage in foreign markets.

Registration and Protection of Trademarks

We will help you develop and increase the value of your brand by protecting it in international markets. We conduct national, international, or regional registration as needed and protect your trademark rights in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Patent research and protection of your product

We provide thorough analysis of patent purity, eliminating potential violation of third party patent rights when entering a local or international market. In the case of complaints regarding patent purity, we will analyze the legality of such claims and prepare effective appeals.

Copyright Registration

We can protect your intellectual property in 176 different countries by helping foster relationships with third parties and with the preparation and signing of license agreements in accordance with applicable laws.

Successfully registered trademarks

Countries in which we successfully register TM, including the USA, EU countries and China

Conducted searches for trademark registration

Successful registrations of copyright


Do you have a business on Amazon? Are you familiar with the variability of marketplace policies?

We will streamline your Amazon business and help protect you from unpleasant surprises.


Unblock Amazon Accounts and Listings

We analyze your current situation to determine the reason you have been blocked. We will also initiate contact with Amazon support and provide you with a selection of optimal solutions to the problem.

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Building a scheme of mutual settlements with counterparties

With the development and implementation of a settlement mechanism, we simplify business with counterparties using a careful selection of banks and payment systems.

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Legal advice on building an e-commerce business

We select the optimal country for company registration and open an account based on tax, financial, or migration goals.

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We work under conditions of complete confidentiality, therefore we are incredibly grateful to our clients and friends who expressed a desire to openly share their collaboration experience with our company.

“We have asked for tax advice. We received full information and understanding of what taxes should be paid in what amounts and what are the nuances in this matter. Thanks to the whole 4b team for their work and the ability to sort out such complex and important issues.

Alexey Ustimenko

“I want to thank the company“ 4b ”and in particular @ Andrey Matyash for professional advice! I turned to find out about the possible consequences for my Amazon account in connection with the change of citizenship and documents. I was provided with very quick and professionally useful information and an algorithm of actions. Thank you! “

Alina Awgustinowskaja

Re-registration of TM – done quickly and comfortably

Andrey Boyko

Their advice on international taxation was excellent.

Anatoly Frank

The trademark was registered in the USA in 9 months, taking into account all the delays, it’s faster than in Ukraine)) Well done! Recommend!”

Vanya Tsentserya

I recommend. The company knows what it’s doing, it’s easier to live with such guys”

Aleksandr Kraevski

Your reliable partner for the registration and support of business abroad, preparation of financial reports and audits, and trademark registration.


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Office in the USA:
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