U.S. Copyright Registration

You can register a copyright for an article, pictures, product appearance, packaging, photos.

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Copyright registration allows:

Protect the product from counterfeiting or copying by competitors

Having a registered copyright prohibits its use by others, and therefore may discourage counterfeiting by outsiders

Collect monetary compensation for unauthorized use

The use of copyright by competitors is solved both by pre-trial negotiations and by a court decision.

Defend the right of intellectual property, in case of infringement

This is solved as pre-trial negotiations and filing an application to the court, which will prohibit a competitor to sell a fake, a copy.

Block competitors on such marketplaces as Amazon, eBay, etc.

With the certificate number, you can complain through a special form, in particular on Amazon form – “Report a violation” or “Report an infringement”

Why should you choose us?

1. Reliability

We treat your projects and data with care, that is why every collaboration is accompanied by signing an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement.

2. Expertise

Our cases include settling pre-trial disputes and recovering monetary compensation in favor of the client, with well-known brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Whirlpool, and Chanel.

3. Guarantees

It is impossible to talk about a guarantee of successful registration of copyright, because the Office makes the final decision. But in the company’s practice there is no lost case and no refusal to register. If according to the preliminary analysis the expert determines the probability of successful registration is minimal, we will refuse the service, otherwise we will do everything necessary to increase the probability of registration.

4. Speed

The registration procedure usually takes from 2 to 12 months. The deadline for registration is determined by the time of verification of the application by the patent attorney.

5. Also…

Throughout the registration procedure, the transaction is accompanied by a lawyer, who notifies about changes in the stages of registration, as well as advises on additional issues that have arisen.

4B law company has been on the market for 7 years. We do not “do everything,” which means a narrow focus and knowledge of the intricacies of specific niches.

We provide services for 3 areas:

• e-commerce;
• IT companies;
• manufacturers-exporters.

U.S. Copyright Registration Procedure

1. Signing of the agreement

Signing NDA with client – non-disclosure agreement


2. Gathering information

We receive your data for registration and collect information about the copyright object


3. Filling out the application

Filling out the application by a lawyer and submitting it to the client for identity verification


4. Application

Submission of the application the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO)
The registration procedure takes from 2 to 12 months


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Why should not copyright
registration be delayed?

Duration of terms

It’s worth keeping in mind that the registration period cannot be changed. And in case you have to assert your rights against a competitor, the registration will still be up to 12 months. If you do it at the very beginning of the creation of an object, you will be protected by either an application for registration or a registered patent.

Lack of protection

You will not be able to prohibit the copying of your product, or to file a complaint of violation of your rights. Lack of copyright protection in the USA will reduce your potential income, as the income from the sale of the object will be divided between you and your competitors.

Fictitious complaints on marketplaces

It is not uncommon for unscrupulous competitors to file fictitious complaints of intellectual property infringement to the marketplace support. And if you are the creator of the object, and did not violate anyone’s intellectual property, but the copyright is not registered, you cannot refute the complaint.

License to use copyrights

If you are just starting a business, particularly with marketplaces, and you are not sure if you will be doing it in a year, you can transfer the use of copyrights to third parties with a license after the end of your activity, and receive royalties for this – a type of licensing fee.

What information do you need to register a copyright in the USA?

To start the registration process, you need the following information:

• Name and surname of the applicant
• Address
• Year of birth (provide passport scan)
• Date of object creation

Information about the object of registration should be in the following form:

  • for photos, package or product design — jpg format
  • for blogs or texts — pdf
  • for music notation style -— text document
  • for audio — mp3.

FAQ on copyright
registration in America:

Can I speed up the registration?

It is not possible to speed up international copyright registration, as the Office does not provide for it. However, in some cases, deadlines may be extended due to U.S. public holidays, or a pandemic.

Can I register a copyright for an object I created 2 years ago?

Yes, you can. Copyright has protection from the moment of its creation, unlike other intellectual property objects, so it does not matter how long ago you created the object of creativity, you just need to choose the correct type and date of creation in the application. Our lawyers will help you.

Can I register a copyright on the object created not by me, but which is not yet registered?

No, only the author or a person who has property rights transferred by the author has the right to get the registration for the object. In case this is an employer, agreement on transfer of property rights, inheritance, etc.

Will copyright help me deal with the competitors?

Of course. If we are considering a classic offline or online marketplace, such issues are resolved through a lawsuit (we recommend pre-trial dispute settlement). If we are talking about marketplaces, then by the certificate number you have the right to complain through a special form. In particular, an Amazon form is called “Report a violation” or “Report an infringement”.

Does copyright registration give me protection in the U.S. and other countries?

Law has been protected copyright since its creation. It has the right to protection in every country that is a party to the Berne Convention. There are 178 countries besides the USA. But in case of lawsuits and proving rights, it is necessary to have registration in the country in which you will defend your rights or which have been violated.

What are the most common reasons for refusing copyright registration?

• lack of creative input/novelty – not significantly different from existing objects on the market

• low-quality image provided for registration application

• explicit photoshop
• filing for registration of an object, which is not subject to copyright registration: Ideas, plans, methods, systems or devices, as opposed to the specific way they are expressed or described in writing;

• words and short phrases such as names, headlines and slogans;
• familiar symbols or drawings;
• simple variations of typographic designs, letters or colors.

Free consultation with a 4B lawyer on copyright registration services in the USA

Before registration, you may take advantage of a free consultation with a lawyer, where you can tell more about your product and the purpose of registration and discuss the nuances of your specific situation.


At the consultation you will get detailed answers to all your questions, as well as get clarifications and nuances of the registration, which you might not have been aware of before.

4B is a reliable partner in protecting your rights in global markets and global marketplaces

Reviews of our work


Thank you very much to 4B companies for the fast feedback, after the first conference, which discussed all the details, company 4B immediately applied for a trademark in the USA.so, I can advise them on services.


Vorwarts Pharma SIA

We have been working with the company 4B since 2019. We contacted the company with a request to build an algorithm for entering the German market via Amazon Marketplace. We received a highly qualified consultation from Andriy Matyash about all the legal and tax issues that accompanied our project.

Particularly nice that after the consultation the 4B employees Lidia, Victoria, Oleksandr were just “by hand” accompanied and helped us in all phases of our project — registration and verification of Amazon seller account, registration of VAT and trademark registration in Germany. Today 4B is providing quality tax reporting for our company in Germany. We are very grateful to 4B for their professional help and just pleasant communication!

Vorwarts Pharma SIA


I have been working with 4B for 1 year and my partner for over 3 years. And so far there was not a single situation in which they could not help us.

I really like their comprehensive approach, especially launching a new brand, when you do not want to waste time on bureaucracy and filling out hundreds of forms. Trademark, LLC, accounts, everything is done quickly and seamlessly.


Enjoy The Wood

In 2020, we needed a company to launch on Kickstarter, and that’s how our collaboration with 4B began. We first registered the company in the United States, then in Estonia to work with the European market.

Today, 4B supports the administration of our Sales Tax numbers in 10 states. Administers VAT in the UK and Germany.

We have registered two trademarks and are closing all intellectual property issues together with 4B’s lawyers.

We are happy to work with 4B primarily because of their immersion in the client’s activities, finding individual solutions and constant communication. Currently, with the 4B team, we can resolve all of our issues on the legal or accounting side.

Enjoy The Wood


We have been working with the 4B Legal Team for more than 3 years.

When we were starting a business on Amazon, we immediately turned to 4B specialists for trademark registration, and six months later we registered a company.

One of the company’s advantages is the provision of a full range of support services to support foreign companies. This includes the preparation and submission of financial and tax reports required to meet the requirements of local government agencies, as well as, in some cases, for the timely payment of taxes.

We also approached 4B for Sales TAX service.

Given the desired result obtained by UNIQANTIQ, we can confidently recommend 4B as a reliable partner for legal support of business.

We appreciate our cooperation with 4B as successful and mutually beneficial, we wish you professional success and prosperity.


COLLAR Company

We are completely satisfied with the service of company 4B. For many years we are cooperating and wouldn’t trade. We treasured the most that guys support accounting, consult on taxes, and help with registration TM in the USA and UK.

The company is extremely professional, it’s easy to communicate, and what especially I like the most, is that they can solve ANY problem. It’s not a big deal for them. Here you won’t find toxic people, I assure you! Highly recommend 4B for solving any legal issues for business.

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