Support for the purchase and sale of business

Buying or selling a business is easy, if you have professionals who will help to qualitatively analyze the deal and accompany you to a successful conclusion.

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Support procedure for the purchase and sale of business

1. Getting to know the business. Providing basic information about the business, P&L etc.

2. Introductory call. During the meeting in a comfortable format, we learn more about the company, as well as give a preliminary assessment of the prospects for the deal.

3. Beginning of cooperation. Introduce the partner funds to your business and get an estimate.

4. Getting to know the other side of the deal. This step will help us begin to actively collaborate on the agreement. Signing an LOI if necessary.

5. Active cooperation on Asset Purchase Agreement. The main step where we analyze, edit and fight for the right to the best conditions.

6. Closing the deal. Signing the final version of the agreement, start the transfer of intellectual property rights and other necessary assets.

Benefits of working with 4b company

1. Free consultation. During the consultation you can get brief answers to your questions about structuring the stages of such an agreement, as well as regarding prospects and recommendations.

2. 4B – partners of reliable funds. Our company works closely with many of the top акселераторами (Razors, Heroes, etc.) on the market of e-commerce business purchase/sale, so the risks of transactions are minimized.

3. Free preliminary assessment of the business. We are happy to help you find contact with a potential buyer or seller of the business, if we see a real chance of a deal (which we will notify you immediately).

4. Fixed price services. At the stage of discussing the deal, you’ll know exactly how much our services cost. We do not take additional fees for our services as an intermediary in the process of the agreement, except as previously agreed.

What does support for
the purchase and sale of a business provide?

A clear plan of action

When 4B takes a company on accompaniment, you will know the stages of the deal clearly – from the very beginning to the final day of receiving funds/business.

Security of the purchase/sale deal

We cooperate only with reliable funds, which have repeatedly proved their reliability, so when you sign an agreement with such accelerators, you will be confident in your future.

Opportunity to structure the deal

With our help you will be able to realize the deal more efficiently. The structuring procedure will help you save and save some money according to your goals.

Economic benefit
of the service

4B company has no hidden fees for our services after you have been informed of the final terms of the specific agreement.

Having received a professional analysis of the agreement and the step-by-step structure of the transaction, you will be assured of a successful completion of the purchase/sale of the company.

What is included in the service?

Successful signing of an M&A agreement

Analysis of the Agreement (Asset Purchase Agreement)

Free consultation with a 4B lawyer

Accompanying the transfer of company assets

Receipt of principal payment for business sale/purchase

Successfully completed business/company sale and purchase agreement

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We can help you understand a number of important questions related to the purchase and sale of a business or company, relating specifically to your situation and the business as a whole.

Why is it not worth putting off buying and selling a business for later?

Instability in the global marketplace

In today’s economic environment trends are changing rapidly, and a certain instability of indicators can lead to a decrease in the performance of the business from independent conditions. It is advisable to sell a business when it has obvious prospects for development rather than going under.

Regular decrease in price multiples

In the pre-crisis period, most funds reduce their business sales multiples, so by selling your company on time, you can get 5-10% more. We recommend thinking about this now.

Unprofessional support – the risk of losing money

Entrust your transactions to experts with experience. In this case, you minimize your risks of encountering fraudsters or unscrupulous counterparties. No one wants years of ineffective litigation.

4B company has the experience and ability to see things through to the end.

FAQ on supporting the purchase and sale of business

What do I need to get a price?

For an approximate deal price, you should provide a P&L (Profit and Loss) Statement of your business for the previous 12 months. A specific valuation of the deal is only possible with a comprehensive Due Diligence with a specific fund.

Do you accompany the entire transaction process?

The support process depends on two options of support: basic and full. The basic option includes support until the first principal amount of the tranche is received, and the full option includes monitoring the condition until the full implementation of the agreement under the contract.

Will I be able to get the money immediately after the conclusion of the agreement?

No, usually the money will be received after 2-6 weeks, depending on the situation and agreements with the fund.

How will the agreement analysis be carried out?

We proofread and analyze the draft of the agreement, and highlight the most important points that require additional discussion. Then we conduct a consultation, where together with you we decide how it will be better.

What are the real terms of the deal?

From 1 to 3 months until the first money is received.

Why should you trust funds-accelerators?

Funds do not risk their image and reputation, because they clearly know that one such mistake will cost them everything they have done before.

Is it necessary to purchase a deal support service?

No, it is not obligatory, but it greatly simplifies the life of entrepreneurs and ensures minimization of risks during the deal.

What is my involvement as a business owner after I receive the main tranche?

Depending on the terms described in the agreement, you may need to manage consulting for another 3-6 months, but there are situations where the owners decide to stay with the company for a longer period.

Will I be able to compete with the counterparty after the deal is completed?

In 99% of cases, no, but the duration of such restrictions is limited in time and requires additional discussion between the parties to the agreement.

How to get the greatest benefit out of the deal?

It is necessary to calculate the most profitable P&L period in advance, as well as to structure the deal correctly. Contact 4B and we will be happy to help you with this issue.

Free 4b lawyer consultation for opening a bank account in the united states

If you are planning to sell or buy an e-commerce business, we advise you to take the opportunity to get a free express consultation to understand the prospects for such an agreement. We will be able to clarify your situation in more detail and suggest further steps.

After a successful consultation, it is very likely that we will introduce our partner funds to your business and negotiate the possibilities of implementing the deal.

4B is a reliable partner in protecting your rights on global markets and global marketplaces
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Reviews of our work


Thank you very much to 4B companies for the fast feedback, after the first conference, which discussed all the details, company 4B immediately applied for a trademark in the, I can advise them on services.


Vorwarts Pharma SIA

We have been working with the company 4B since 2019. We contacted the company with a request to build an algorithm for entering the German market via Amazon Marketplace. We received a highly qualified consultation from Andriy Matyash about all the legal and tax issues that accompanied our project.

Particularly nice that after the consultation the 4B employees Lidia, Victoria, Oleksandr were just “by hand” accompanied and helped us in all phases of our project — registration and verification of Amazon seller account, registration of VAT and trademark registration in Germany. Today 4B is providing quality tax reporting for our company in Germany. We are very grateful to 4B for their professional help and just pleasant communication!

Vorwarts Pharma SIA


I have been working with 4B for 1 year and my partner for over 3 years. And so far there was not a single situation in which they could not help us.

I really like their comprehensive approach, especially launching a new brand, when you do not want to waste time on bureaucracy and filling out hundreds of forms. Trademark, LLC, accounts, everything is done quickly and seamlessly.


Enjoy The Wood

In 2020, we needed a company to launch on Kickstarter, and that’s how our collaboration with 4B began. We first registered the company in the United States, then in Estonia to work with the European market.

Today, 4B supports the administration of our Sales Tax numbers in 10 states. Administers VAT in the UK and Germany.

We have registered two trademarks and are closing all intellectual property issues together with 4B’s lawyers.

We are happy to work with 4B primarily because of their immersion in the client’s activities, finding individual solutions and constant communication. Currently, with the 4B team, we can resolve all of our issues on the legal or accounting side.

Enjoy The Wood


We have been working with the 4B Legal Team for more than 3 years.

When we were starting a business on Amazon, we immediately turned to 4B specialists for trademark registration, and six months later we registered a company.

One of the company’s advantages is the provision of a full range of support services to support foreign companies. This includes the preparation and submission of financial and tax reports required to meet the requirements of local government agencies, as well as, in some cases, for the timely payment of taxes.

We also approached 4B for Sales TAX service.

Given the desired result obtained by UNIQANTIQ, we can confidently recommend 4B as a reliable partner for legal support of business.

We appreciate our cooperation with 4B as successful and mutually beneficial, we wish you professional success and prosperity.


COLLAR Company

We are completely satisfied with the service of company 4B. For many years we are cooperating and wouldn’t trade. We treasured the most that guys support accounting, consult on taxes, and help with registration TM in the USA and UK.

The company is extremely professional, it’s easy to communicate, and what especially I like the most, is that they can solve ANY problem. It’s not a big deal for them. Here you won’t find toxic people, I assure you! Highly recommend 4B for solving any legal issues for business.

COLLAR Company

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