Patent registration in the USA

Registration of a patent for invention and design allows you to protect the methodology of its work, its usefulness, as well as its appearance from the very beginning of the production of a unique product.

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Benefit of patents registration for Amazon entrepreneurs

If you see a seller on the marketplace uses the major features, technology or methods of work that are indicated by a patent for invention, or uses a patent-protected design with a patent registration

The most common types of patents are:

Patent for invention: new process, device, production method or composition of matter (dietary supplements, medicine), any new and useful improvement of an existing device, or a product not obvious for a specialist in this field.

Patent for an industrial design: new, original design of a product.

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Patent search procedure

1. Prior art search

Conducting a search for the possibility of registering a patent


2. Preparation of documentation and filing for registration

Creation of a personal USPTO account, certification of documents, filling out application forms, preparation of drawings, payment of fees


3. Registration support:

• Responding to an examiner’s rejection or clarification.
• Obtaining approval for patent issuance.
• Payment of patent issuance fees.


4. Issuance of a certificate


Learn more about Prior art search on the page —  U.S. Patent Search


To see how the results of the patent search look like, click on the thumbnail (the example report will load in a new tab).
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Benefits of registering a U.S.
patent with 4B company

Fixed cost of services

4B company takes a fixed cost for services and you know in advance the final cost of patent registration, without hidden fees and additional costs.

The drawing is included in the cost of registration

To apply for the patent registration, you need to provide a drawing of the product. You do not need to look for a contractor to do it, we will take care of that.


We treat your projects and data with care, so every cooperation is accompanied by signing an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement, and an agreement that reinforces your rights and our obligations. You do not have to worry, your data will not be used without your knowledge or against you.

Individual approach to your product

After the search, we give recommendations on what should be changed to increase the chances of registration.

You will also receive consultation and answers to questions from an intellectual property lawyer during the patent registration, if necessary.

What is the benefit of a patent registration in the USA?

1. Protection against product copying by competitors
With a patent, you get protection against copying, counterfeiting, illegal resale by both competitors and the factories where the production is located.

2. Assistance in combating unfair competition
With a registered patent, you can settle infringement of your intellectual property rights both through a pre-trial settlement and in court.

3. Possibility of receiving monetary compensation
If your intellectual property rights are infringed, you can recover monetary compensation from the infringer, both in court and pre-trial resolution of the situation.

4. Passive income
Having received a patent for a product or design, you can transfer the right to use the patent in your product to other entrepreneurs with a royalty of 5 to 25% of sales.

5. Increase customer confidence
Buyer confidence increases when there is a mention that the product is protected by a patent.


Economic benefit
of the service

There are three levels of fees for the applicant: standard, small entity fee, micro entity fee. Lawyers of 4B company will handle your registration application so that you pay the lowest fees and do not overpay.

We do not charge extra or hourly fees for:

  • answers to the expert’s formal requests (in the case of pre-registration refusals);
  • communication with an expert of the Patent Office;
  • consultations with the client.

U.S. patent registration service includes:

Complete patent registration
Creation of a product drawing
Notifications of registration stages


Free consultation with IP lawyer


Why should not postpone the procedure for applying for a patent?

Threats of the manufacturer

You should check for patentability and apply for registration immediately after the approval with the manufacturer of the final sample of the product. Sign an NDA, NCA (you will learn more about it in consultation with us), in order to avoid his producing the goods for his other clients, especially if your manufacturer is in China.

For example, if you do not register a patent in China or Europe, you cannot get a patent in the United States.

Limited time for filing a patent for registration

An invention patent can be filed not later than 12 months, and industrial design patent in 6 months from the date of publication, the beginning of sale. In any other case, the product is considered disclosed and the novelty is lost. You will receive a refusal to register.


We will help you understand a number of important issues related to the choice of the type of patent, the methodology of the patent search, the interpretation of the data obtained, as well as answer your questions.

FAQ on patent registration in the USA

If a design patent is registered in China by someone other than me, can I register it in the US?

No, because the product has already been disclosed and even more so registered, it has lost its novelty and is not suitable for registration. In this case, you can sell it freely in the USA, but beware of problems with the export of goods from China at customs control.

Can they sell an identical product to mine in France if I have a design patent in the USA?

Yes, they can. Patents are locally valid and, according to the Paris Convention, are entitled to protection only in the countries where the registration is received.

When should I think about a patent registration? Am I limited in time?

There is a time limit for filing for a registration – 12 months for the invention and 6 months for the design from the date of publication, the beginning of implementation.
If you do not meet this deadline, the product is considered to have lost its novelty, and you will be denied registration.

You should also be careful that your manufacturer or competitor does not apply for a patent.

What can be registered as an invention?

A new process, device, method of manufacture or composition of a substance (dietary supplements, medicine), or any new and useful improvement to an existing device.

What can be registered as a design patent?

A new, original product design.

Who can register a patent in the USA?

The inventor must be an individual, or more than one.
The owner can be either an individual or a company, but we recommend filing as an individual, which reduces your fees by 75%.

Does a patent registration in the USA give me protection in other countries as well?

Patents, like trademarks, are locally enforceable and protected only in the country of registration.

Therefore, in order to get the protection of the patent in the country where you do business, you need to register it in this country.

You have several ways to register a patent:

Directly apply for registration with the Patent Office of the country where you want protection.
There is also the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – an international treaty that establishes a system for filing patent applications and facilitates the filing of patents in many countries around the world on the basis of a single patent application.

But we recommend that if you are only interested in the USA, you should file directly rather than through the Patent Office of the country where you are a resident.

Free consultation with a 4B lawyer on patent registration in the United States

Before patent registration, you may take advantage of a free consultation with a lawyer, where you can tell more about your product and the purpose of patenting and discuss the nuances of your specific situation.

At the consultation you will get detailed answers to all your questions, you will understand the procedure for patent registration and patent search, as well as get clarifications on the registration, which you might not have been aware of before.

4B is a reliable partner in protecting your rights on global markets and world marketplaces
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Reviews of our work


Thank you very much to 4B companies for the fast feedback, after the first conference, which discussed all the details, company 4B immediately applied for a trademark in the, I can advise them on services.


Vorwarts Pharma SIA

We have been working with the company 4B since 2019. We contacted the company with a request to build an algorithm for entering the German market via Amazon Marketplace. We received a highly qualified consultation from Andriy Matyash about all the legal and tax issues that accompanied our project.

Particularly nice that after the consultation the 4B employees Lidia, Victoria, Oleksandr were just “by hand” accompanied and helped us in all phases of our project — registration and verification of Amazon seller account, registration of VAT and trademark registration in Germany. Today 4B is providing quality tax reporting for our company in Germany. We are very grateful to 4B for their professional help and just pleasant communication!

Vorwarts Pharma SIA


I have been working with 4B for 1 year and my partner for over 3 years. And so far there was not a single situation in which they could not help us.

I really like their comprehensive approach, especially launching a new brand, when you do not want to waste time on bureaucracy and filling out hundreds of forms. Trademark, LLC, accounts, everything is done quickly and seamlessly.


Enjoy The Wood

In 2020, we needed a company to launch on Kickstarter, and that’s how our collaboration with 4B began. We first registered the company in the United States, then in Estonia to work with the European market.

Today, 4B supports the administration of our Sales Tax numbers in 10 states. Administers VAT in the UK and Germany.

We have registered two trademarks and are closing all intellectual property issues together with 4B’s lawyers.

We are happy to work with 4B primarily because of their immersion in the client’s activities, finding individual solutions and constant communication. Currently, with the 4B team, we can resolve all of our issues on the legal or accounting side.

Enjoy The Wood


We have been working with the 4B Legal Team for more than 3 years.

When we were starting a business on Amazon, we immediately turned to 4B specialists for trademark registration, and six months later we registered a company.

One of the company’s advantages is the provision of a full range of support services to support foreign companies. This includes the preparation and submission of financial and tax reports required to meet the requirements of local government agencies, as well as, in some cases, for the timely payment of taxes.

We also approached 4B for Sales TAX service.

Given the desired result obtained by UNIQANTIQ, we can confidently recommend 4B as a reliable partner for legal support of business.

We appreciate our cooperation with 4B as successful and mutually beneficial, we wish you professional success and prosperity.


COLLAR Company

We are completely satisfied with the service of company 4B. For many years we are cooperating and wouldn’t trade. We treasured the most that guys support accounting, consult on taxes, and help with registration TM in the USA and UK.

The company is extremely professional, it’s easy to communicate, and what especially I like the most, is that they can solve ANY problem. It’s not a big deal for them. Here you won’t find toxic people, I assure you! Highly recommend 4B for solving any legal issues for business.

COLLAR Company

Why should you choose us?

4B law company has been on the market for 8 years. We do not “do everything,” which means a narrow focus and knowledge of the intricacies of specific niches.

We provide services for 3 areas:
• e-commerce;
• IT companies;
• manufacturers-exporters.

Guarantee of full refund for the company’s services in case of refusal to register an intellectual property object.