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Annual maintenance

In addition to a virtual office, we provide a registration address and agent for your company as well as handling any annual fees or corporate report submissions.


Documents and Apostille

We offer assistance with making changes to corporate documents by obtaining certificates, licenses, or providing the legalization of documents with an apostille.


Additional services

We offer a variety of services related to conducting business abroad, such as trademark registration, tax audits, contract development, and more.

A complete range of services to support your foreign business.

4B provides a full range of services to support foreign companies at their place of registration. We are engaged in the preparation and submission of the financial and tax reports needed to fulfill the requirements of local government bodies, and, if necessary, for the timely payment of taxes.


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Can you service my company if it was not registered with you?

Yes. We can provide services for your company, but please take into account the following:

  • You should have documents confirming ownership of the company. The change of the service company is carried out by the person whose name is indicated in the official documents;
  • A foreign company must be in active status (Good Standing) and not have debts on reports, taxes, and fees;
  • All debt obligations must be repaid, including payment for the services of the company that performed the service earlier (if there was one).

Is an annual financial audit mandatory for my company?

It all depends on the jurisdiction where the company is registered. If it is Cyprus or Hong Kong – yes, financial audits in these jurisdictions are a mandatory part of the annual accounts.

In Hong Kong, it is necessary to provide audited reporting annually or once every 3 years at the individual request of the local tax authorities.

In most European countries (UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia) companies with small assets and turnover are exempted from mandatory audits.

How much does annual reporting cost?

The cost depends on the country of registration, the type of company, and the level of activity: if there were no transactions in the bank account the cost is lower, but if there were, then the cost will be significantly higher.

The system of settlement for different suppliers is also worth considering. The number of counterparties and the nature of payments often matters– the more payment assignments and counterparties, the higher the cost of preparing the report.

Is reporting necessary for offshore companies?

Traditional low-tax jurisdictions (British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Belize) are not required to report to local authorities and pay taxes at the place of registration.

However, recently in these jurisdictions control over the activities of companies and its transparency has been tightened. For the jurisdictions listed above, in 2017 legislative acts were passed obliging non-resident companies to maintain accounting records, inform registration agents of the place where accounting documents were stored, and present them to agents upon request in accordance with spot inspection plans. Failure to provide accounting documents may result in tangible fines of up to $50,000.