Verification of Seller Account at Amazon Europe

Any verification by Amazon support causes unpleasant associations for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The first and second quarters of 2021 were overshadowed by requests for account re-verification for many sellers. This problem turned out to be not even frequent, but massive, as even by our count, one in three sellers contacted us about this issue.

In today’s case, we will look at an example of a client who got caught in this wave of verifications and still got away with it, successfully overcoming the check from Amazon.

Portrait of the client

Our client is an Estonian company that has been selling on the Amazon Europe marketplace since 2019. The company produces orthopedic products for medical purposes, such as bandages, shoes, insoles. Goods that come in handy not only in case of a doctor’s prescription, but also for prevention and health maintenance in the rhythm of home-work-home.

Such products can be found in the Health Care category. The target audience includes both young people who are fond of sports walking and hiking, as well as people of retirement age, to whom these products make life much easier.

Description of the problem

In his Amazon Europe account, our client received a notification from the Amazon Payments Team with the following content:

«[Action Required] Information needed for your Selling on Amazon payment account

Dear seller,

We are contacting you as we need some additional documents to continue with your account verification.

Within 60 days, please upload the required documents. Otherwise, we will be unable to prevent the suspension of your selling privileges».

At first glance, nothing unusual, because re-verification on Amazon Europe happens regularly. Such verifications ask for one of the documents provided in the Identity Information field during registration. Most often, this referred to Company Proof of Address or Contact Person Proof of Address.

But, unfortunately, because of the large number of accounts caught in the verification process, the procedure for reviewing the support of submitted documents was stretched and began to create significant difficulties for sellers.

Firstly, the support seriously violated the promised terms (from 24 hours to 10 days), and secondly, the check affected all the documents and information in this section. And the third negative point put a lot of sellers’ communities on their ears: payments to Deposit Method may have been stopped during the review.

The way to solve the problem

Because the client contacted us as soon as he saw the Notification in his account, we were able to quickly figure out what documents were necessary for reverification. To pass it, it was necessary to provide data on the owner, such as Passport, Proof of Address and corporate documents for the company – Certificate of Registration and Proof of Address.

An English translation was mandatory, despite the information that documents are accepted in other languages as well. Our experience has shown that translation can speed up the process considerably.

All documents were pre-checked and already uploaded in the appropriate fields, but no response for 3 weeks. At the same time, there was constant communication with support in cases and calls. It was decided to send all the requested information to the Amazon Seller Verification Team email.  There is a separate article on the topic of contacting Amazon support on our blog.


And finally after 2 days we received the cherished letter with the quote “Your information is verified”!

This is a prime example of how Amazon support works, because at first the request for European accounts comes from the Amazon Payments Team. But, as it turns out, the information uploaded to Identity Information, they pass on to the Seller Verification department. Therefore, you can and should knock on all the doors, not limited to filing only in the account.

Creating a case with a data transfer request to the Verification Team or a direct letter to them will save months of waiting for a message in the account itself. We know how tedious it can be to wait for an Amazon support manager to get their hands on your case, so our lawyers are ready to help you with these kinds of issues. 

Sign up for a consultation in which you briefly describe the problem, and then we will take your case to work.


We are guaranteed to provide valuable information directly to your business.

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