Registration and protection of trademarks

Build a solid brand foundation.

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TM registration

We can register the trademark in Ukraine, the USA, Canada, China, Great Britain, Germany, and several other countries.


TM extension

We can keep your trademark registration certificate valid and up to date by assisting with any necessary extensions.


TM protection

We can conduct a legal analysis of the status of your trademark, developing and implementing an action plan if needed for court or elsewhere.

We will register and protect your trademark in 125 countries worldwide.

A trademark allows you to distinguish your products and services amongst similar products and services from your competitors. As its value grows over time, a trademark (TM) is an asset that needs to be reliably protected.


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Why do you need  registration of a trademark?

Legal protection of a trademark is local in nature, meaning it is valid only in the territory in which it has been registered. If you plan to enter foreign markets, you need to seek legal protection in the relevant countries of export for the associated products or services.

What does the registration of a trademark give?

“Is trademark registration mandatory?”

State registration of a trademark is a mandatory procedure if you have long term plans for your business and want to stand out in the market. It is highly beneficial, as the owner receives a number of undeniable advantages and rights.

Exclusive right to use

Any use of TM without the permission of the owner is illegal and has legal repercussions.

First level domain registration

Only owners of a registered trademark for goods and services can get a domain in the UA zone.

Opportunity to Sell a Franchise

A trademark can be an independent product and can be leased for temporary use (including franchising).

Brand Value Increase

Successful brands only rise in value over time: think of Coca-Cola, Nike, and Tesla. Your brand could be next.

Legal security of goods

The right to initiate legal proceedings against unauthorized use of your trademark.

Effective Investment

Advertising TM is much cheaper than advertising the actual products or services.

Trademark Registration Stages

Choice of class and type of TM

Based on the principles and financial feasibility of the trademark, a selection is made from one of 45 possible trademark classes.

Advanced Search

A thorough search is performed to be sure no similar or conflicting trademark has already been claimed or registered in the designated country. We also check that the desired trademark is compliant with the country’s legislation.

Preparation of documents and payment of fees

We handle the document preparation, as well as filing an application for the registration of your TM, and any necessary duties or fees.

Examination and registration of TM

We will check that the application is compliant with trademark legal protection conditions. This includes handling its publishing with the Patent Office and issuing a certificate.

The first step is hardest: choosing the name, logo, and style. The remaining stages of registration are as follows:

Trademark Application

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What documents are needed to register a TM?

For Ukraine, an application for registration of TM must contain:

  • Name or image + name of the trademark;
  • Information about the applicants;
  • List of goods and services in regards to which TM registration should be made;
  • The power of attorney signed by the applicant and sealed (for a legal entity).

For other countries, the set of documents may vary. Contact our experts for a more complete consultation.

How can I protect my brand in several countries at once?

There are two ways to do this:

  • First: filing an application directly with the Patent Office of each country;
  • Second: International registration by filing one application for the Madrid system (121 countries in the world) or by registering with the European Union Trademark;

Each path has advantages and disadvantages. Contact our experts to find the best solution for the international registration of your trademark.

Can trademark registration be refused?

After a qualified and formal examination, one of the following decisions can be made:

  • Successful trademark registration for the products or services specified in the application;
  • Refusal of registration for the claimed commodity items;
  • Trademark registration for one group of goods but refusal for another selected category.

How long does the trademark registration procedure take?

The speed of the trademark registration procedure depends on the registration rules in the selected country. For Ukraine, the deadlines can be from 8 to 24 months, for the UK 3-4 months, for Europe 5-8 months, and international registration lasts about 12-18 months.