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Registration of Amazon business
Amazon account registration is the first step on your way to creating online business. That’s why choosing who to mention as an account owner (private individual or legal entity), what information to give Amazon, which banks and currencies are You planning to use is only a part decisions you have to make. 4B experts will help you gain insight on this question and make right first steps!
Help with unblocking listings/accounts
Amazon is a huge market with a high competition level. Unfortunately, not all sellers choose honest ways of running a business. We often encounter situations when our customer receives a letter from Amazon stating that he violates somebody’s trademark or patent rights. And when we check everything, it happens that the patent is for another product. Or there are situations when the complainer doesn’t reply for weeks, and the listing is blocked, products aren’t selling. To reduce the risks of licking/account blocking, you have to react instantly to such events and protect your rights lawfully.
Supporting online business purchase and sale deals
  • How to prepare your account for selling, what the buyer/investor pays attention to?
  • What actions have to be made when registering an account to sell in easier in future?
  • How to count account price?
  • What increases your account’s price?
  • How to prevent yourself from making widespread mistakes when selling an account?
  • We can answer these and other questions of account sellers.
  • How to audit account by yourself?
  • What buyers say this account isn’t worth buying?
  • If you’re a buyer yu have to know what to pay attention to when purchasing.
Tax planning for online sellers
When building any business, furthermore international online business, it’s important to consider the tax situation on both your country (where you’re a resident) and the country where your products will be sold. You can find out from our consultants how to choose an optimal taxation solution for you.
Account audit
The audit will interest those who wants to buy or sell an account to make sure there are no latent or not revealed facts which can further influence the sales level or overall account working capacity. To answer the question whether You need an audit, count how much will it cost to have your account or listing blocked for 2-3 weeks? And what it happens in sales season? Find out more about Account audit from our specialists.
Support opening an account in foreign banks
When trading online choosing a payment system or a bank is an important question. In influences the speed of managing money and expenses connected with financial operations. Reducing expenses on currency-exchange operations can add you + 3-6 % to revenue. And sometimes increase asset turnover twice, which is especially important when using debt funding. Which banks are better and easier for opening an account? How to prepare for bank interview? How to reduce financial investment expenses? If you’re interested in answers to these questions, contact us!
Trademark registration and protection
When developing your brand, especially doing it online, a registered trademark is a must. It not only lets you stand out in customer’s eyes, which means increase sales but also get additional marketing opportunities from Amazon, like Brand Registry or ever Brand Gating. Today a correctly registered trademark is an important element when creating your own Private Label.
Patent researches and protection of Your product
If you sell an item manufactured by someone, there’s a high probability there’s a patent for this item. What does it mean for online sellers? It means there’s a risk of You becoming blocked! The patent owner can complain and forbid you to sell a product he has a patent for. And it can happen not only when the product has only been handled in the warehouse and starts to sell, but when it’s selling actively and lots of money is invested into it. Find out how to prevent yourself from such situations and reduce the risk of losing investments by consulting with our specialist.
Licensed contract execution (using trademarks, patents)
There are patents for most products sold online. It’s obvious as with the help of patent you can protect from competitors. Moreover, a patent gives an advantage to a product in customer’s eyes. But what should you do if the product you sell has a patent, but it’s not yours? It means there’s a risk to get a ban from selling such item (listing block). You can avoid that by executing a licensed contract with rightful patent owners. It’s a contract according to which you’ll be able to sell your product, protected by a patent, under conditions defined by both sides. How to find a rightful owner, communicate with him, what conditions to offer and how to form a contract? We can help you find out.