Tax planning

Tax planning, which most questions from clients are concerned with, is one of the most necessary services we provide. We offer an effective solution for international tax planning which, in order to achieve the best results, involve foreign companies. Using the experience and the complex solutions we have developed in the taxation optimization sphere, we always take into account the uniqueness and special needs of every client. Our development of a unique tax optimization mechanism and business building strategy for every client allows them to create an effective working plan which leads to the reduction of their tax burden and an improvement of their company’s financial indicators. When developing a solution, we take into account the risks and factors which influence taxation:

  • Tax legislation of the countries in which the company operates
  • The methods to make up with suppliers
  • Holding structures, and organizational-legal forms of the company and its counteragents

We develop an individualized legal scheme of the organization of the taxation mechanism taking into account all the special features and specifics of your company’s activity, which leads to the reduction of your tax base and rate of contribution to the public treasury.