Services for Amazon Sellers

For companies which work on the Amazon trading platform, our specialists offer a solution for all upcoming tasks and trading activity support. Among the most widespread ones: receiving and sending currency payments without threats from: offshore company registration, selling a ready offshore company, taking control of company management, opening operating accounts in European and Ukrainian banks. Notarial translation of corporate documents accompanying currency risks which come up when working with soft currencies (for example, UAH), and without bank commissions when converting currencies. In addition, “4B” specialists support the opening of bank accounts for client companies in European and American jurisdictions. The availability of such accounts significantly raises the level of trust of counter-agents and lets the company avoid currency limitations, impemented by the National Bank of Ukraine. We know how to optimize the taxation of received revenue with the help of building a corporate structure. Taking into account the special features of your business, our specialists will build a maximally effective corporate structure, which not only lets you reduce your tax rate by 2.4%, but also protects your company from legislative uncertainty, which, sadly, is so common in Ukrainian reality. We have great experience working with Amazon participants both in Europe and the USA. We will help you to start working with the biggest trading platform legally and in a way that is maximally safe for your business. We will help you get things going on Amazon.